Gulf of Naples
Today I tell you about the beauties hidden in the islands of the Gulf of Naples. Here there are the famous Ischia, Procida, Vivara and the elegant Capri!
Plan a Trip without Travel Agency
I decided to create a guide on how to plan a trip without the help of any travel agency! Gianluca and I often start this way, we organize everything by ourselves and we realized that without a guide it can be really difficult!
Here we are again talking about hidden London, London less touristy but equally rich in beauty, colors and unique features!
What to do in London
Follow my blog with Bloglovin What to do in London through different eyes Unusual and (almost) non-touristic places in London What to do in London? I love London. In reality, I love so many cities in the world, it’s full of wonders, how do you choose only one? I told you in this article "what to do 3 days in London", but you must...
What to do in Reykjavik
Here we are at the end of our trip to Iceland and now here we find out what to do in Reykyavik, the beautiful and characteristic capital of Iceland!