Vedere Atene Partenone
Athens was a wonderful city, the scene of the most beautiful mythological narratives, a protagonist, however, years later, of one of the ugliest economic crises ever. But once in Athens I discovered its beauty.
where to travel : Filippine
riends, relatives and many of you write to me: Where do you suggest us to go on vacation this summer? Good question! That's how I decided to write an article dedicated to those who want to know where to travel for their next vacation! Let's start!
Gulf of Naples
Today I tell you about the beauties hidden in the islands of the Gulf of Naples. Here there are the famous Ischia, Procida, Vivara and the elegant Capri!
Plan a Trip without Travel Agency
I decided to create a guide on how to plan a trip without the help of any travel agency! Gianluca and I often start this way, we organize everything by ourselves and we realized that without a guide it can be really difficult!
Here we are again talking about hidden London, London less touristy but equally rich in beauty, colors and unique features!