Cafe Sacher
The Sacher cake can be defined like Original only from Cafe Sacher, after a decision taken in 1962 which end the discord between competitors. Through the pages of the menu, you will find the story behind this cake, famous all over the world.
"Epiphany takes over the other feasts" - it’s funny and why not (?) interesting, Come on let’s discover the ways linked to this day all over the world!
Predjama Castle
Awarded biggest castle in cave in 2015 by the Guinness World Records, Predjama Castle (Castle Lueger) merges perfectly through the millenary nature’s construction demonstrating the outstanding mankind creativity.
Vienna - Vienn
The empress Sissi, the composer and pianist Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, the painter Klimt or the famous Sigmund Freud; are some figures we think about when we talk about… Vienna.
Saraj Restaurant
Talking with a common Ljubljana guy, this district is the first place he is going to invite you to; an area mainly crowded by young people. Located at about 15 minutes walking from the old town, going through the street called Trubarjeva, at the crossroads, let’s go on the left entering the street called Metelkova Ulica. "Avtonomni Kulturni center Metelkova mesto",...