Pianoforte - Mozart- Mozarthaus
Mozarthaus: the house of Musical Genius. "Mozart‘s music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe"
Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year is called Spring Festival and stays for more than one day. It’s a period which beginning doesn’t match with our 1st of January!
This last masterpiece of the well-known writer of Da Vinci code, it's a journey through the monuments and works of smart artists like Botticelli, Dante Alighieri and Michelangelo, presents in Florence, Venice and Istanbul. You will never be tired of Florence. You can't get enough of art; art is reality, perfection and magic.
Cafe Sacher
The Sacher cake can be defined like Original only from Cafe Sacher, after a decision taken in 1962 which end the discord between competitors. Through the pages of the menu, you will find the story behind this cake, famous all over the world.
"Epiphany takes over the other feasts" - it’s funny and why not (?) interesting, Come on let’s discover the ways linked to this day all over the world!