Cosa vedere in Islanda
What to see in Iceland? We spent the night in Hella, in the wonderful Hotel Rangà and now we will continue our trip !
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Travel to Iceland: part 1 We wanted to visit Iceland by long time; the geysers, the geothermal areas, the northern lights. Finally crowning this dream we went to the land of ice, to discover the wonders of creation! As for Iceland it is good to know what to pack, to not forget anything that will turn out to...
What to pack for a trip in Island
Follow my blog with Bloglovin WHAT TO PACK FOR A TRIP TO ICELAND : Travel to Iceland We are used to making and unpacking and getting ready to go, so we know what to pack if our destination is hot or if the cold is hard! Now the dream of a lifetime is going to come true! We have traveled far and...
Things to do in Washington
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Things to do in Washington I became curious about Washington thanks to the TV series on Netflix "Designated Survivor" (highly recommended) so in a trip to new York I chosed Washington as first stop, just few days to see the White House, the Capitol and then away with the car rented with to to new...
Things do in Dubai
Things to do in Dubai: tradition and novelty, rules and freedom, new and old, a destination of luxury. Dubai is frenzy created on the silence of the desert.
San Francisco what to do in this eccentric, polyhedral, extravagant city, it will conquer you. Let's discover it togheter!
Monument Valley
We started this trip from California On The Road to Las Vegas and Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon... Let's Go!
Las Vegas
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Las Vegas: Things to see, things to do, hotels Everything about Las Vegas   Hello guys! For whosoever gets here for the first time, I’ll like you to know that our trip started in California! If you missed to read it, some weeks ago I talked about the beginning of this adventure in “California on the Road”!   Las Vegas: things to...
Some weeks ago, we went through the splendid streets of Jerusalem and I told you about all the excited things you could do there in 3 days. As promised, here we are again to conclude our trip in Israel!
Isole dell'Indonesia
It has got wonderful places where men never reached; The atmosphere still wild makes this region a perfect example of the world’s biodiversity and the 150 actives volcanoes offer landscapes absolutely dazzling. Indonesia ...

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