African wedding -rings
Africa is such a huge continent that is difficult to describe; it’s an ocean, a planet in its own, a varied and rich cosmos. Let’s discover traditions...
Lanzarote - Timanfaya National park
Canary Islands, cooking in the volcano... It’s for real! In the midst of the Canary Islands, shines Lanzarote.
Women's Day
“The woman got out from the men’s rib - not from his feet to be trampled, not from the head to be above - to be equal, under the arms to be protected and near to the heart to be loved”.
San Patrick's day
Dublin is not only to visit but also to live; especially on St. Patrick's day is not to be missed, to become part of the Irish history and culture!
Je T'aime, I love you, Ti amo, Te quiero, Eu te amo, T'estimo, Ich liebe dich, S 'agapó... As there are different ways to express how much we love each other, there are also various ways to celebrate the feast dedicated to lovers and Love!
Carnival in the World: The most famous, peculiar and the most excentric! Coming from the Latin word carnem (raise), Carnival literally means "farewell to meat"... Let's discover the traditions about this celebration!
Pianoforte - Mozart- Mozarthaus
Mozarthaus: the house of Musical Genius. "Mozart‘s music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe"
Chinese New Year
The Chinese New Year is called Spring Festival and stays for more than one day. It’s a period which beginning doesn’t match with our 1st of January!
"Epiphany takes over the other feasts" - it’s funny and why not (?) interesting, Come on let’s discover the ways linked to this day all over the world!
Predjama Castle
Awarded biggest castle in cave in 2015 by the Guinness World Records, Predjama Castle (Castle Lueger) merges perfectly through the millenary nature’s construction demonstrating the outstanding mankind creativity.

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