What to do in London
Follow my blog with Bloglovin What to do in London through different eyes Unusual and (almost) non-touristic places in London What to do in London? I love London. In reality, I love so many cities in the world, it’s full of wonders, how do you choose only one? I told you in this article "what to do 3 days in London", but you must...
What to do in Reykjavik
Here we are at the end of our trip to Iceland and now here we find out what to do in Reykyavik, the beautiful and characteristic capital of Iceland!
What to see in Matera
If you know Materans people you will immediately notice how attached they are to their land. It is not simple affection for the city that gave them birth, they are really in love with them! And once you see it you will be able to understand why; you'll fall in love too.
Follow my blog with Bloglovin What to do in Italy : Matera and Basilicata We travel far and everywhere and sometimes we do not stop to admire the amazing beauties surround us. Italy has beautiful places and if you are thinking about your holidays in Italy, today I tell to you about Basilicata. You will not be disappointed, promised! Basilicata is rich...
What to do in Amsterdam
I want to talk you about a wonderful city. With its colors, flowers, with its history, its monuments,historic buildings and cyclists everywhere... Amsterdam conquered me!
Spring holidays: Let's plan it now!   After a cold of winter, now it’s the time to foretaste of the warmth of spring: although it’s not here yet, the only thought of returning to enjoy it could make us happy! Spring holidays are perfect to forget the colder winter and to get ready for a wonderful summer! Why not start planning a...
3 days in London
London is so beautiful. It's a mix of languages, ethnicities, colors and sounds, normality and extravagance, joy and solemnity... A swarm of people who populate the streets of this city, which is a charm.
Sagrada Familia - Cosa vedere a Barcellona
In this article, we’ll uncover the Things to do in Barcelona in a route that goes from one to three days. After numerous journeys in this city, I can proudly affirm that I know her well.
Jerusalem - Israel
I personally fell in love with Israel and Jerusalem fed me off with incredible sensations.  It’s a city rich of history and wonders with an amazing architectural beauty. Jerusalem is a corner of the world where are concentrated the biggest world religions and you will be grabbed by their touch while going throughout it. In this article...
Foo Fighters in Budapest: a weekend to visit and discover the city
Budapest conquers, fascinates and charms; Majestic and powerful, Budapest catches all the senses.

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