What to pack for a trip in Island
Follow my blog with Bloglovin WHAT TO PACK FOR A TRIP TO ICELAND : Travel to Iceland We are used to making and unpacking and getting ready to go, so we know what to pack if our destination is hot or if the cold is hard! Now the dream of a lifetime is going to come true! We have traveled far and...
Wine Cocktail
The practice of drinking wine and using it for health purposes dates back to very long ago. Even mixing wine with other ingredients to make a delicious cocktail is something that has been historically practiced, and still is a favourite for wine lovers throughout the world. There is nothing better to beat the summer heat, or the winter blues than a nice cocktail, paired with comfort food, or delicacies that enhance its flavour and aroma.
Self Drive Safari
A few weeks ago we came back from an amazing trip. We did a unique experience, an experience that any nature-loving traveler should do to keep every beauty jealously in the heart ... I'm talking about Safari.
Cheap Holidays
How many times we spend a lot of hours in front of the computer looking for the perfect destination! We find cheap flights but for countries that aren’tt cheap... otherwise, we find cheap destination but the price of flights is too high. That's why today I will give you an overview of the really cheap holidays in Europe and in the world!
Back from our last trip in Barcelona, I just want to share with you the amazing encounter we had with the founders and the team behind the website www.byhours.com … It’s been a great discover for us, travelers!
Raise your hands if you have never been cuddle at the thermal baths, if you never went to the sauna to relax yourself or if you never surrendered yourself inside a hydromassage tub! Let’s discover the origins of what we consider like the real regenerating therapies, Wellbeing treatments and proper beauty rituals !
Wine - vinitaly
Vinitaly overcame half century with its 51st edition! As every year, Verona is coloured by red ruby; the atmosphere becomes fruity and is carried on with warm cheers of wine glasses which allow the taste all kind of flavours: dry, sweet, light and full-bodied… Since 1967, the city of the famous novel "Romeo and Juliet", VERONA, hosts VINITALY the International Saloon of...
Logo BagAPP
BagAPP will propose you the closest bars, hotels, B&B, stores and restaurants where you may drop your bags and luggage. Therefore, you will be free while visiting and shopping through the city.
One of the most romantic places in the world, with the red of its sunsets, the blue sky, the blue sea; it recreates picturesque photos coloured in pastel; together with the white houses and the small black beaches, it will grab your heart, Making you fall in love.

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