Shopping Italy
We have rambled through the Nord of the lovely country and now, we will go in and out the sweetest stores and streets of the Centre of Italy.
Shopping in Italy
There are no better moments for others to shop, every moment (and excuses!) Is good! Today I bring you to discover the main streets for shopping in Italian fashion, luxury, artisanship and style.
Positano - Italy
The first time I step my feet in Positano, I have been frozen of admiration. It’s the painted picture of a clever artist, it’s nature. Colours intermix perfectly one into another…
What to see in Italy : Florence
What to see in Italy : Florence You will never be tired of Florence. You can't get enough of art; art is reality, perfection and magic. What to see in Italy : A night in Florence We'll spend our journey in Hotel RIVER, Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia, 18. It's located in a traditional Florentine chalet. It last since the nineteen century but it has...
10 must to see in Turin : visiting Italy Turin is a multi-face city; with its huge architectural structures, its noble building and important museums, it looks Royal. From centuries now, Turin is just art and history, world opened, innovative and absolutely stunning. There must be a reason why Turin was the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy within 1861...
Incredible but true, the word SPA comes from a small Belgian village called Spa, who became famous thanks to the peculiar properties of its sources...
Verona is just magic and poetry. The city that involved us into the irresistible and melting story of the cutest lovers ever, Romeo and Juliet, is a tourist site for thousands people who leave her with the desire to come back. Verona has wonderful streets where her history we think to know is well kept. Verona holds a particular old town that...
Some prefer the sea and others, mountains... then there are people like me who keep dazzled by both. I enjoy walking on the sand while admiring the sunset fades out with the horizon, But the deaf sound of the footsteps on the snow is priceless.
This last masterpiece of the well-known writer of Da Vinci code, it's a journey through the monuments and works of smart artists like Botticelli, Dante Alighieri and Michelangelo, presents in Florence, Venice and Istanbul. You will never be tired of Florence. You can't get enough of art; art is reality, perfection and magic.

Martina and Gianluca, non stop travellers

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