Cosa vedere in Islanda
What to see in Iceland? We spent the night in Hella, in the wonderful Hotel Rangà and now we will continue our trip !
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Travel to Iceland: part 1 We wanted to visit Iceland by long time; the geysers, the geothermal areas, the northern lights. Finally crowning this dream we went to the land of ice, to discover the wonders of creation! As for Iceland it is good to know what to pack, to not forget anything that will turn out to...
The beaches of Miami have become the symbol of this city of Florida, one of the best known and one of the most sought after by tourists! Today we'll discover Miami best beaches, one by one !
Vita sottomarina - Maldive
The Maldives is an amazing country which has some of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world. It's a very small country which is surrounded by water, and it has some of the best seaside resorts in the world.
where to travel : Filippine
riends, relatives and many of you write to me: Where do you suggest us to go on vacation this summer? Good question! That's how I decided to write an article dedicated to those who want to know where to travel for their next vacation! Let's start!
What to see in Matera
If you know Materans people you will immediately notice how attached they are to their land. It is not simple affection for the city that gave them birth, they are really in love with them! And once you see it you will be able to understand why; you'll fall in love too.
Follow my blog with Bloglovin What to do in Italy : Matera and Basilicata We travel far and everywhere and sometimes we do not stop to admire the amazing beauties surround us. Italy has beautiful places and if you are thinking about your holidays in Italy, today I tell to you about Basilicata. You will not be disappointed, promised! Basilicata is rich...
Sponsor a child, it makes the difference! Traveling is our passion and we love to share beauties of the world! But here we want to tell you something different. Yes, because in many developing Countries, just at a few steps away from marvalous views, people are living in slums and degraded neighborhoods. Over there, among dangerous shacks and rubbish, millions of children are...
Things to do in Washington
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Things to do in Washington I became curious about Washington thanks to the TV series on Netflix "Designated Survivor" (highly recommended) so in a trip to new York I chosed Washington as first stop, just few days to see the White House, the Capitol and then away with the car rented with to to new...
Travel to Philippines
Philippines are an endless archipelago of over 7,000 islands (of which 5,000 are uninhabited) located in the south of the Chinese Sea and at the east wet by the Pacific Ocean.

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