About Us

Who are Gianluca&MartinaMy name is Martina Pieralli; I am born with a boundless love for writing.

Since I learned to read, I’ve always devoured books within a couple of days and from one style to another, I fill up my mind with story, culture, fantasy and folktales.

My life partner Gianluca is my trip companion. Like me, he is passionate about photography; the camera has become our best friend and journey after journey, it reminds us nature’s wonders we discovered, admired and consumed with our eyes and our minds.

We are both in love with the world; we love to go around, experience new places and knowing more about every piece of it.

That’s how, after visiting 5 continents and treading on 56 countries, always travelling with an eye beyond the horizon, we decided to make the world part of our trips, discoveries and experiences.

Step by step, we will go through the biggest streets and hidden lanes of the Italian cities and all over the world, to explore every single wonder standing behind.

This is our passion.

Young, in love and married, we are Italian with an international soul.
After collaborations aiming to manage the website, the social network and articles’ translation, I decided together with Gianluca to turn this passion into something exciting, rewarding but especially useful for you all dispersed around the world.

Do you want to join us?

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