I could not start my first article on this blog without the Bukowski super main stream quotes and the very essence of my travel philosophy. “Everything you own must be able to fit inside one suitcase; then your mind might be free.” The shoes rack that is judging me behind my pc and the wardrobes I have displaced in the triangle London-Padua-Vicenza can deny it all instantly. However the main thing I want you to get from this few lines is just how to enjoy a trip at its best without useless weights.
Greek islands to visit
Today we continue the discovery of the wonderful Greek islands of the Ionian and Dodecanese archipelago. At the end of this reading you will be decided on the destination of your next vacation, promised
Isole della Grecia
In this article we'll discover the best greek islands to visit! The islands of Greece are white houses silhouetted against the blue of the sea. The high sun makes the whiteness of the island really perfect but when it comes down, with its sunset it paint everything with a magnificent apricot color.
Vedere Atene Partenone
Athens was a wonderful city, the scene of the most beautiful mythological narratives, a protagonist, however, years later, of one of the ugliest economic crises ever. But once in Athens I discovered its beauty.
where to travel : Filippine
riends, relatives and many of you write to me: Where do you suggest us to go on vacation this summer? Good question! That's how I decided to write an article dedicated to those who want to know where to travel for their next vacation! Let's start!