Travel to Philippines
Philippines are an endless archipelago of over 7,000 islands (of which 5,000 are uninhabited) located in the south of the Chinese Sea and at the east wet by the Pacific Ocean.
Wine Cocktail
The practice of drinking wine and using it for health purposes dates back to very long ago. Even mixing wine with other ingredients to make a delicious cocktail is something that has been historically practiced, and still is a favourite for wine lovers throughout the world. There is nothing better to beat the summer heat, or the winter blues than a nice cocktail, paired with comfort food, or delicacies that enhance its flavour and aroma.
What to do in Amsterdam
I want to talk you about a wonderful city. With its colors, flowers, with its history, its monuments,historic buildings and cyclists everywhere... Amsterdam conquered me!
Maui - Hawaii
Hawaii is a perfect destination; Sun, Palms, flowers, relax, Ocean... a Paradise! Located on the south of O’Ahu Island and above the Big Island, in 45 minutes of flight from Honolulu, Maui will captivate you.
Spring holidays: Let's plan it now!  After a cold of winter, now it’s the time to foretaste of the warmth of spring: although it’s not here yet, the only thought of returning to enjoy it could make us happy!Spring holidays are perfect to forget the colder winter and to get ready for a wonderful summer! Why not start planning a...